How to get there

By plane from Bangkok
Bangkok Airways flies to Koh Samui nearly every hour. Nowadays also Thai Airways has the destination Ko Samui. From the Airport you can reach Aree Beach Resort within half an hour by taxi. Aree Beach Resort offers a pick up service. Please contact us for detailed information.
Direct connections to Ko Samui are also from Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai and Singapore.
There is also a oppurtinity to fly from Bangkok to Suratthani with Air Asia and continue the trip by bus and/or taxi to Don Sak.

By Royal Thai Railways from Bangkok
From Central Train Station Bangkok by train to the south several times daily. This is also the route for the famous luxury  Eastern and Oriental train, which starts in Chiang Mai and ends in Singapore. In Suratthani you leave the train and you continue your trip by bus and ferry to Ko Samui. There is a direct connection to the bus two times per day, at 7am and 12 (noon)

By Bus from Bangkok

The buses start in the morning about 7 am and evening 7pm from the Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok. About 12 hours later they arrive Nathon/Ko Samui after a  1,5 h ferrytrip from Don Sak to Nathon .
Take a taxi or a “Thongseaw”, which is some kind of pickup, at the ferry pier to reach Aree Beach Resort. Pick up by us is difficult due tho the uncertainty of the arrival time.


Location of Aree Beach Resort


Our pick up service



Ferry connections to Koh Samui

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